Skippers are requested to contact for participation on 2nd World Inter-School Rope Skipping Championship 2017 (17-21 April, EGER-HUNGARY)

About Us

Nepal Rope Skipping Association(NRSA) was formed on January 28, 2016 as a governing body of Rope Skipping sports in Nepal. NRSA is an organization committed to the exchange and sharing of rope skipping knowledge and experience.

Our History

The Rope Skipping sport has received several major boosts in recent decades. Even before the founding of Nepal Rope Skipping Association(NRSA) in 2016, various competition was popularized in the Schools many too many years. But the modern techniques & materials for Single Rope, Double Dutch, and Long Rope activities were introduced after the formation of NRSA.

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Our Objectives
We are devoted to promoting rope skipping sports in Nepal. It is not only a sport, it is also a physical exercise and health-related issue or activity. So we are organizing various kinds of activities in order to popularize rope skipping sports in around the federal republic of Nepal.

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Social Networking

Official Photo

Group photo with South Asian President Mr. Bhimsen Verma & Technical Director Mr. Nirdesh Sharma.